• Hi-Fi


    Whether streaming from online services, playing your CD collection or pulling out the retro vinyl; listen to your music as the artist intended with some of the finest Hi-Fi available. Redwood represents globally award winning brands; we have solutions to fit all budgets and lifestyles. Visit our online shop for more details, or contact one of our consultants, who can help you find the perfect solution for you!


  • Home Cinema

    Home Cinema

    For those with a passion for movies, those with a love for the big screen, Redwood can help you with the design and implementation of dedicated cinema rooms to optimise your experience. Taking care of all aspects, from the speakers to the seats, the projector to the popcorn machine. we only leave you with one question: What will you watch first?

  • Multi-Room Audio/Video

    Multi-Room Audio/Video

    In the connected home, it's important to be able to access all content from all rooms, keep your AV equipment clean and clutter free but housing the video sources and amplifiers in the rack room; all you need is a TV, ceiling speakers and a remote control to choose what you want to watch or listen to. Having some friends over? No problem; hit that Party button and your playlist plays throughout the home, in perfect sync!

  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage

    In today's cut-throat, fast paced world of marketing, the importance of being able to reach customers quickly, effectively and hold their attention is ever increasing. It's important to be able to manage content effectively, to reach out to potential customers and get the right message across. Our signage solutions offer just that; whether covering an entire shopping mall or simply a shop front, our solutions are scale-able, low maintenance and attention grabbing.

  • Conference & Meeting Rooms

    Conference & Meeting Rooms

    Leave a lasting impression on your colleagues and business associates with sophisticated management systems for your office environment. Our carefully designed solutions, in addition to providing simple control of a rooms audio, video, lighting, blinds and AC at the touch of a button, can also improve your businesses efficiency, internal communication, team collaboration and client engagement.

  • Public Address

    Public Address

    In most large-scale public places, having a public address system which is clearly audible is essential. Whether in school corridors, hospitals, shopping malls or sports venues we have a solution to fit the requirement. As always, we'll work closely with those involved to ensure all aspects are appropriately considered and the client is left with a low-maintenance, simple to use solution.

  • Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

    Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

    Audio plays in big part in nightlife entertainment so, and critical to the commercial success of so many venues, the solutions that we design and provide take close consideration for performance, flexibility, aesthetics and budget.


  • Outdoor AV and Cinema

    Outdoor AV and Cinema

    In our part of the world, for the most part of the year our clients enjoy life outdoors. So why would your AV and technology be any different? Redwood have a wealth of experience in incorporating discrete audio and video systems into outdoor spaces so, working closely with you and your landscape contractors, with solutions that also work seamlessly with your main home systems too, the party can flow throughout the property and beyond. Just don't forget to invite the neighbours!