Luma Surveillance™ is more than a series of cameras and recorders. It’s the ability to keep you and your family safe. It’s confidence while you’re away from home. It’s the gift of watching what truly matters: your child’s first steps, your dog’s anticipation of your arrival home, your surprise birthday party, all captured in HD. It’s Luma – and it’s going to change your life.

Ekinex is an initiative developed in 2012 thanks to a group of technical experts in automation and in particular of the KNX standard. After the development of a first set of certified products, in 2014 officially it published its website for the global market operation that allows it to connect with the many operators of the home and building automation, architects and interior designers.

To date, Ekinex is directly present in 91 countries around the world by exporting its know-how and typically Italian quality design. Their research and development laboratories have created control systems for homes and buildings that combine the value of home automation technology and innovation, the aesthetics of design and attention to detail.

Future Automation is an internationally established engineering company based in Britain and North America, specialising in mechanisms that conceal and reveal displays in modern smart homes, commercial spaces, and marine applications. Their unique product range has been developed to combine functionality with quality engineering and aesthetic appeal. They design and manufacture a comprehensive range of lift mechanisms, wall mounts, projector mounts and drops, moving panel mechanisms, ceiling mounts and drops, and floor / table mounts that can be integrated into AV installations.

As well as being the market leader in display mounting solutions, their in-house design team offers bespoke creations for more complex projects. This empowers integrators with a greater flexibility when designing spaces as rooms can now be sculpted to specifically fulfil client requirements.

Lithe Audio was established in 2008 by the dynamic duo, and their shared passion for the interplay between design and engineering became a decisive call to action. The pair wanted to see how they could improve upon many of the inefficiencies and glaring ergonomic disasters around the home. From the energy inefficient to the downright bland, Wesley and Amit strived to discover what the home improvement market was crying out for. It wasn’t long before that answer came, as suddenly if a light switch had been turned on. A shiny, screwless light switch. And the pair entered the market with a unique range of premium yet affordable switches and sockets. Retrotouch was born.

The idea for sister company Lithe Audio came from combining the pair’s proven success in developing smart tech solutions around the home with their love of music and entertainment technology. The result is a host of exciting products, spearheaded by the unique all-in-one bluetooth speaker. The Lithe Audio range is ideal for consumers/DIY enthusiasts, builders, developers, interior designers, commercial property developers and hotels. Their unique products are used in both commercial or residential applications, so whether you’re a business owner or a want to fit out your home, make us your number one choice for your AV solutions.

SnapAV is not your typical company. That’s because they don’t hire “typical”​ people. Their success is built around an amazing team of A-players who dream big and deliver results that are even bigger. They are passionate about what they do and feed on the contagious enthusiasm of others….

Founded in 2005 and based in Charlotte, NC, SnapAV is a manufacturer and exclusive distributor of high-quality products designed for and by audio/video, security and network installation professionals. The company has distribution centers in North Carolina, Texas, and California and directly serves the continental US, with international distribution partners in Canada, Latin America, Australia, Russia, Ireland and China. SnapAV has been named to the prestigious INC 500/5000 List, which ranks the fastest growing privately-held companies in the US, for four years running SnapAV Brands include Episode® Speakers and Electronics, Wirepath® Surveillance and Structured Wiring, Binary™ Media Distribution and Cables, Wattbox™ Power and Surge, Strong™ Mounts and Racks, Araknis Networks and Dragonfly™ Projection Screens.

Co-founders Jerry VanderMarel and Scott Bagby decided to, change the prevailing industry paradigm. They wanted to build high performance loudspeakers locally. They wanted to custom-design their speaker components based on science, not speculation. And they wanted to make them available at prices that everyone would appreciate. To do it, Jerry and Scott tapped smart university audio researchers and the detailed scientific findings from audio studies conducted by the National Research Council of Canada. Their goal was to achieve a level of performance that would erase the speaker itself from the equation.

Pure, lifelike audio, uninhibited by coloration, unrestrained in its ability to translate power into sound. And to do it at a price that would allow anyone to experience this magic. Jerry (sales, marketing, advertising) and Scott (design, manufacturing) gathered a team of dedicated audiophiles and engineers (and engineers who were audiophiles), and from these humble beginnings, Paradigm was born.

Araknis is your network ecosystem. All their products are crafted to work together with ease, making for a fast, reliable network that is easy to install and update. And since every device is cloud controlled, you can view them all in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. If you ever need to update or reconfigure a device, just use your mobile device – no need to roll a truck.

Tannoy is one of the oldest and most prestigious audio brands in the world, having been founded as the tulsemere manufacturing company back in 1926. Today, Tannoy is the brand name that can be found not only in the homes of discerning hi-fi enthusiasts across the globe, but in some of the most prestigious audio installations throughout the world.

Examples include the Hong Kong Convention Centre, the Sydney Opera House, the London Palladium, the Bellagio and Hard Rock Hotels in Las Vegas, and most recently, the Burj Khalifa and Atlantis Hotel Resort in Dubai.

The company’s Scottish factory HQ is located in Coatbridge, near Glasgow where they’ve been based for the past 35 years.

Control4, a leading provider of personalized automation and control solutions, allows you to control virtually any device in a home or business, automatically. Founded in 2003, the company mission is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate lighting, music, video, security and energy in a single room or throughout the entire home.

Control4 is now seen as the number one home automation brand, with a belief that life’s better when everything works together. Control4 solutions interoperate with more than 7,000 third-party consumer electronics devices-and that number is rapidly growing. used in boats, homes, offices, boardroom, training centres, medical facilities, restaurants, Gyms and retail outlets, control4 leads the industry in interoperability and reliability.

Norstone design combines practical and aesthetic considerations with exemplary manufacturing quality. Whether for furnishing, support systems or cables, each detail is carefully studied to provide the best in technology, reliability and design. To accompany the slender line of today’s televisions, TV stands have followed the same trend and have become slimmer and trimmer with each new generation.

NorStone accessories include a complete line of TV stands and projectors accompanied by 2 ingenious product solutions. Secure your television using the Safeline Security Kit. And with the Iryx Kit, you can use your peripheral components even when they are placed, for example, inside a closed cabinet.

France’s leader in projection screens for home theater, Lumene features mid-range and high-end screens at affordable prices. These innovative screens represent a range of products that will satisfy even the most discriminating customer.

Quality materials, technological innovation, large inventory on hand…

The choice of a Lumene screen is a perennial favorite and the standard in quality.

Kenneth Andersson and Dan Bävholm founded Lab.gruppen in 1979 with a fist full of Kroner, hearts full of passion, determination and a desire to succeed — whatever the limitations. They first met as schoolboys with a complimentary interest in electronics. Today, as a company they are committed to the development of boundary-breaking sound reinforcement products for the professional audio industry.

With the unique switch mode and other patented technologies, they work towards providing advanced power amplifiers and powered loudspeaker management systems that are utterly reliable and sonically superior. The company eschews diversification in order to focus completely on its core discipline – audio technology.

Arcam is based just outside the famous university city of Cambridge. Their story started the classic way: two friends with a passion for music and electronics met up while engineering students at Cambridge University, and founded Amplification and Recording Cambridge in 1976.

As the name suggests, some of the company’s early work was in high-performance mixing desks for recording studios, but it wasn’t long before the two were making hi-fi amplifiers, beginning an engineering-led business still innovating and making the most of music and home cinema sound almost four decades later.

For 40 years, Biamp has been making the best audio hardware and software for the professional AV market. If you’re waiting for a flight in Hyderabad, attending a convention in New York, or shopping in a mall in Beijing, Biamp technology is there.

In spaces large and small, from everyday conference rooms to complex enterprise applications for universities and beyond, we manufacture products designed to optimize your audio landscape.