About Us


Red Wood General Trading LLC, known as Redwood Technologies was established in 2011 by British engineer, Nathan Williams.

With a background in industrial engineering processes in the UK and after 4 years of UAE experience in the home technologies industry, Nathan identified a gap in the market for customer-centric and cost-competitive AV and home automation solutions. Around the same time, US manufacturer and now number 1 in luxury residential automation, Control4, was making headway into the Middle East; establishing distribution offices and looking for reliable partners to help gain a foothold on the market.

Since this time, Redwood has been the go-to solution provider for Control4 in the UAE, whilst also supporting new integrators throughout the country and other parts of the Middle East, facilitating Control4’s penetration of the local market.

Although originally established for luxury residential projects, Redwood extended offerings into commercial environments from the very beginning, providing solutions for the likes of Emirates Airline, Atkins Global, Nakheel, Chalhoub and partnering with Du Telecom all within the first 4 years of operation; delivering world-class AV solutions from conceptualisation, through installation and beyond with after-sales services.

Nathan’s philosophy of maintaining an efficient and self-motivated workforce shines through, with over 150 completed high-end projects to date, with a relatively small, but elite team of professionals.

Why Choose Us


Redwood have extensive knowledge in designing and delivering client tailored bespoke systems and solutions, focused on providing services and solutions that will exceed our clients’ expectations, solutions that are managed effectively to meet anticipated budgets and within time-frames, we are the perfect solutions partner for the discerning client.

A Valued Member of the Team

Always wanting to ensure that the very best end results are achieved, Redwood are just as comfortable working directly with our clients as we are with your Projects Consultants, Architects, Contractors and Interior Designers.

The Importance of Stability

Redwood benefits from nearly a decade of experience in this demanding industry. Developing a stable market presence, in addition to strong relationships with our clients, suppliers and manufacturers, we are fanatical about customer satisfaction, building long term relationships and being a company that you can trust. In short, you can count on us!

Integrity & Conduct

We operate with a high level of integrity and spare no expense in time or effort when safeguarding the best interests of our customers. If there is a less expensive way to achieve the goal, we will always suggest it. We listen, present your various options, and design a solution perfectly tailored to meet your expectations.

Respect is earned not given

Whatever you project might require, we realise the importance of it to you, the client, so we are equally respectful of it too. We have a great deal of pride in the systems and solution we provide, value good relationships with our clients and, most importantly, the trust that is placed in us to meet your expectations.

Long Term Support

Redwood have no "short-term" relationships with our clients. We offer complete support and maintenance packages to keep everything up to date, functioning effectively and, with our clients' permission, have the ability to remotely access systems for those rapid responses to urgent requests.

Lets just keep it simple

For the majority of our projects we always hear the same thing: “We aren’t technology experts, we just want a good system that’s easy to use.” We agree and take great care to design solutions that are intuitive to even the most technologically challenged. Our work is something you will experience on a daily basis and, above everything else, we want you to use it and enjoy it.

Our History


The year started with Redwood being awarded “Control4 Dealer of the Year 2014” at the ISE awards in Amsterdam. An honourable award in the industry and a true achievement within 4 years of operation. To date, Redwood has completed over 60 projects and continues to support more than 20 partner companies with equipment and technical support.


Redwood expands in all areas, growing the team with experienced personnel. Multiple residential projects are undertaken including commercial projects such as Dara Development offices, Butcha, Big Chef and Rib Room restaurants to name a few.


Redwood continued with healthy growth, expanding the team and taking on larger residential projects across the UAE, namely on Palm Jumeirah and Emirates Hills. In addition, Redwood formed partnerships with the likes of Metric Technologies and Data Zone, providing consultancy and technical support, allowing such organisations to expand their own portfolios.


Redwood became a General Trading company, allowing for an expanded portfolio with global brands such as Tannoy and Arcam, bringing them to Middle East markets. Redwood continued with home automation projects whilst also making moves into commercial solutions with clients such as Emirates Airline and Atkins Global.


Nathan established Redwood Technical Services. Providing mid to high-end residential home automation solutions. Immediately Redwood was awarded the task of consulting on what later became Penthouse One on Palm Jumeirah. An exclusive high-end residential project; famous for it’s no compromise interior and technical achievements. Penthouse One has since appeared in an array of publications such as Harpers Bazar and Control4’s global “Home Smart Home” magazine.

2009 – 2010

Like so many in Dubai around this time, Nathan, along with EON, fell victim to the financial crisis. Nathan spent two years between jobs and, amongst other things, founded a GCC branch office for Circuit Egypt.

2006 – 2008

Founder, Nathan Williams relocated to Dubai from the UK. With an extensive background in industrial automation and process engineering, and a passion for AV, Nathan landed a position as Business Development Manager with EON Smart Home Dubai.

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