Smart Homes Consultation

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we take the time to understand our clients’ lifestyles and expectations in order to develop a system which fits into their day to day lives; simplifying the way they interact with their technology and letting the ‘smart’ do the work.

Project Management

Working closely with both our clients and contractors we ensure that our high standards always are adhered to, communication is clear & concise, and the process of going from concept to reality is made smooth and hassle free.

Procurement & Material Supply

Installing systems comprised of components from dozens of different vendors, through various stages of the a project is a challenge in itself. We manage the whole procurement process to ensure goods are delivered on time as and when they’re needed. The equipment we use is researched and tested for quality and performance and we only work with suppliers who, like ourselves, have a high regard for customer service.


Redwood place a high level of importance on the training of our team to ensure that our engineers and technicians are specialists in the systems we deploy. They are also very experienced in working within high profile properties to the extremely high standards expected. On a typical project, we fit all of our own hardware, from speakers and touch panels through to building full equipment racks. The cabling and infrastructure works required for our systems are usually done by other professionals, but this will always be closely supervised by our project managers.


The customization, personalization and tailoring for the solutions we provide is what really brings the system into it’s own. We simplify the tasks you do every day and put these functions at your fingertips, or even make them happen automatically! Imagine using your smart system as your morning alarm; it could wake you to your favourite radio show, gradually raise the blinds, adjust the temperature to your preference and then light your path through to the bathroom, that’s just the beginning. We start the programming process by discussing ideas like this with you, and then listen to what you would really benefit from with the capabilities of your system. We expect this process to evolve and we always include some free return visits to give you the freedom to use the system for a while before we make those final tweaks.


The commissioning process is methodically planned; this is when the equipment we’ve installed starts to work together and controls one another. We test each component, each system and each room as we commission to ensure perfect operation.

After-Sales Support and Maintenance

We completely understand that lifestyles, systems and technologies are constantly evolving and that’s why we have no “short-term” relationships with our clients. We offer complete support and cohesive maintenance packages to keep everything up to date and functioning effectively and, with our clients’ permission, even have the ability to provide support through remote access to our systems, for a rapid response.