Technical support is offered for any issues related to systems provided by Redwood, or any third party hardware listed when undertaking the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). We recommend all systems to be properly and professionally maintained. Our AMC constitutes of Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages and includes the below:

Whatsapp Support

A dedicated group set up with the Redwood maintenance team to provide prompt support.

Support Visits

Limitation to the number of visits which may be used within a 12 month period. If not used, these will expire after 12 months. Extra visits will be charged at the current rate

4 Sight License
Telephone Support

Contact our office and engineers to help resolve any issues over the phone.

Remote Support

Allows Redwood access to your system remotely in order to troubleshoot any issues. When remote support for Bronze package is provided, this will be considered as a service visit. One service visit will be deducted for each use, where the issue is resolved remotely. Other packages include unlimited remote support.

Remote Monitoring

A system used to monitor, report and resolve system issues automatically, often before they are recognised by the user. Allowing for a proactive method of technical support.

Maintenance Visits

The number of visits offered by Redwood to run system checks, updates and provide maintenance reports. Annual checks are carried out at the start of the AMC.

Labour Discounts

Applicable to any additional service requested which are not considered as maintenance or technical support, such as new equipment.

Hardware Discounts

Applicable to upgrades or additions to the system. Including brands from Redwood’s immediate portfolio only.

Price Annual

Payment at the start of the contract. Gold package depends on system size and complexity.