Butcha & Dri Dri, JBR

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Located in the newly launched "The Walk, JBR", Butcha Steakhouse & Butcher shop is based on offering the values of a local butcher’s shop where artisan ways of thinking about meat as part of our DNA. At Butcha, they are passionate about meat, quality and guest satisfaction, are all key parts of the concept.

Acting in an audio consultancy role alongside the local company Data Zone, the client had a requirement for high quality distributed audio that should blend seamlessly into the detailed interior design as well as the day-to-day management of both venues.

These two back-to-back venues would share the same head-end solution, but must have the ability to completely independently control and manage their own audio, with the flexibility to combine, should they wish to operate together.

Through careful selections of products from Biamp, Lab Gruppen and Tannoy, we were able to meet these requirements perfectly and give them a solution that has more than exceeded expectations, with a sound quality that lived up to their high-quality brand.

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