Lithe Audio was established in 2008 by the dynamic duo, and their shared passion for the interplay between design and engineering became a decisive call to action. The pair wanted to see how they could improve upon many of the inefficiencies and glaring ergonomic disasters around the home. From the energy inefficient to the downright bland, Wesley and Amit strived to discover what the home improvement market was crying out for. It wasn’t long before that answer came, as suddenly if a light switch had been turned on. A shiny, screwless light switch. And the pair entered the market with a unique range of premium yet affordable switches and sockets. Retrotouch was born.

The idea for sister company Lithe Audio came from combining the pair’s proven success in developing smart tech solutions around the home with their love of music and entertainment technology. The result is a host of exciting products, spearheaded by the unique all-in-one bluetooth speaker. The Lithe Audio range is ideal for consumers/DIY enthusiasts, builders, developers, interior designers, commercial property developers and hotels. Their unique products are used in both commercial or residential applications, so whether you’re a business owner or a want to fit out your home, make us your number one choice for your AV solutions.