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Technology and children: are you a no technology at the table parent?

[caption id="attachment_657" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Technology and Children[/caption] As a parent, I am really excited to have a smart-enabled home. Our one-year old can operate the TV and lights. Well, when she punches all the buttons in-app then she creates all manner of havoc, but she can intentionally put Minnie Mouse on which is amusing. But…
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Speakers recreate husbands’ selective hearing

It can be difficult to blog about the products we're passionate about without losing some of our 'civilian' fans/customers along the way (both of you!) I could wax lyrical about zigbee channel¬†interference¬†using jargon and geek speak and bore your socks off. But I had a thought on a job the other day which I thought…
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