Redwood have continuously shown great support and professionalism to their customers and our brands. Redwood ensures all staff are professionally trained, while their installations are setting the benchmark for automation standards. We are proud that Redwood have chosen our brand to work with.

Brodie Clement, http://www.leaffzco.com/

I am the proud owner of Tannoy Turnberry GR Limited Edition. Only 150 pairs were ever made for the world market and Redwood secured it for me, swiftly and smoothly. High level of responsiveness and the ability to get things done is the hallmark of Redwood.

Biju Joseph Mattam,

Metric Technologies has vested in Redwood's comprehensive knowledge of the system integration field. As a value added partner, Redwood has supported our growth through the provision of profound industry experience, top-tier technical services, a committed team and in-depth know-how. Metric Technologies has been successful in leveraging RWs services’ platform to its ultimate growth and success objectives.

Ali Mourtada - Founder, Metric Technologies,

I'll begin by saying I do not work for this company, I'm just a satisfied customer who is tired of wasting time with the lack of professionalism of most service providers in Dubai. I've used Redwood (www.redwood-tech.com) services to do some electrical work in my place. They were knowledgeable, spoke perfect English (some were native speakers), understood what I needed, accommodated last minute changes and the service was neat and performed on time. I've been in Dubai for 5 years and this was the first time I got excellent service beginning to end. I wish there were more companies like this out there.

"Harpia" - Via Expat Woman,