Tannoy dealer now in Dubai. Yes, us!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Tannoy, the prestigious British audio brand has joined Redwood as a brand we will be representing in the local market.

Tannoy is just one of a select few brands that we have been working to add to our distribution arm. Now they're on board, we're ramping up to get ready to bring it to market. It's that exciting stage (for us, at least) behind the scenes where we familiarise ourselves with all their product lines, the specs, the image galleries... and make long lists of the things we want for our own homes! I have my eyes on a set of Kingdom Royals in red that I can't help but want. Red, shiny...awesome. And true to the Redwood brand, of course. My other (better) half has declared they 'don't match the living room' (which is deep blue, to be fair) so I might have to redecorate over the summer whilst the mass exodus takes place. It's like a Ferrari has pulled up in the living room. Loud, bold, clean lines. Yes, they are that lust-worthy!

As a relatively young company, selecting the right brands to offer our existing customers and to fit with our ethos is critical, which is why we are so pleased to bring Tannoy on board. It is really difficult to build a reputation as a newbie in Dubai. Our plan is to take it slow - we're gradually building momentum and as those pesky consultants around town remind us 'slower is faster'. We hope this is something we can learn from our new friends at Tannoy. Check out the fantastic historic marketing material which we have been poring over - they don't make them like this anymore (marketing. But they still make the speakers...obviously!)

Tannoy has been engineering speakers for over 80 years, and has secured it's position as a global leader. The brand is synonymous with high quality, attention to detail and stunning design. As we have worked on what we know are some of the most cutting-edge and luxurious homes in the region, Tannoy will be more than at home in these properties. Redwood is really looking forward to the next full-scale home automation project where we can really build-in some impressive Tannoy options.  More on Tannoy in posts to follow. Better get back to creating some marketing materials!

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  1. We are looking to implement tannoy system at our school.
    Do you have any solutions for this and also do you provide any maintenance and upgradation of these systems


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