It’s a doorbell, but not as we know it, Gran.

I'm working from home this morning on programming one of our customer's doorbells. No, really. We're using his existing Control4 system at a four-level townhouse.  We've programmed it so that if it's pressed, it will pause the viewing on any active TV's and play the doorbell sound through the speakers. A message appears on screen telling our customer that there is someone at the door.  The front door is also on a higher level than the garden, so we're also setting it to ring through the garden speakers if they're on (solves the old guest-waiting-at-front-door-waiting-to-be-let-in-to-your-party problem) You could have any sound but we have started with the doorbell sound to see if it's annoying and if it is, we'll change it. Our customer has joked that he wants the doorbell set to silent on Halloween....And if he doesn't pay - I'll just keep ringing his doorbell 🙂

For us, it's just another day of programming in the world of home automation, but I told my Gran and she thought it was another step in they way of the world gone mad. "The TV tells you to open the door?! Next thing you'll tell me I don't need to close my own curtains!" A Control4 installation is coming to a sweet pensioner's home soon.

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