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#ThankYouSirAlex from Redwood

This is somewhat off-topic but it's one that's close to my heart.  I am a huge Manchester United fan (huge as in the scale of my adoration, I'm not actually that large myself), which kinda influenced the choice of the business name (red, rather than blue. I'm definitely not a blue Manchester fan). There were…
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It’s a doorbell, but not as we know it, Gran.

I'm working from home this morning on programming one of our customer's doorbells. No, really. We're using his existing Control4 system at a four-level townhouse.  We've programmed it so that if it's pressed, it will pause the viewing on any active TV's and play the doorbell sound through the speakers. A message appears on screen telling our customer…
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Tannoy dealer now in Dubai. Yes, us!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Tannoy, the prestigious British audio brand has joined Redwood as a brand we will be representing in the local market. Tannoy is just one of a select few brands that we have been working to add to our distribution arm. Now they're on board, we're ramping up to…
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