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Wahoo! Long Dubai Weekend! Go forth and MAKE PLANS!

Afternoon #Dubai! We were gleeful at the news of a long weekend coming up (day off on Thursday, dontcha know!?) only then to realise none of our team had any plans. At all. Whatsoever. Zip. None of us wanted to go to the beach (too hot), no one wants to go to the malls (too…
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Don’t touch my Tannoys

Well we've now gotten Tannoy on board so if you want to get yourselves some amazing speakers then we’re your guys. I mean amazing. Tannoy has a range of brands to suit budgets of course, going from the reasonably priced to the ‘Dubai’ of the range – Kingdom Royal. Think big. Think flashy. Think best sound.…
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Tannoy dealer now in Dubai. Yes, us!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Tannoy, the prestigious British audio brand has joined Redwood as a brand we will be representing in the local market. Tannoy is just one of a select few brands that we have been working to add to our distribution arm. Now they're on board, we're ramping up to…
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