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Well, hello!

We're new to this blogging malarkey but we have a lot to say at Redwood, about lots of things - so here goes. Watch this space! Firstly who are we? Well, Redwood is an elite (yeah, we think so!) team of electrical engineers, technicians and support staff. Redwood was started by Nathan Williams (our Director, he's Welsh, which gives plenty of mileage for sheep-related jokes) to bring home automation services to home in Dubai and the region.

In our blog we'll take a look at technology trends (we're geeks) and well as a light look at Dubai. We'll introduce you to our team over the coming weeks, debunk some smart home myths (like you have to be a gajillionaire or tech buff to have it in your home!) and share some of our experiences on life in Dubai.

We hope to engage you in our semi-witty conversation along the way!


TuneIn Logo

There is a point to this post, and it's to talk about a new Control4 feature which had Nathan jumping up and down at #ISE2013 (ok, he's not really a 'jumper'. Sheep jump though). Control4 have added TuneIn to their latest operating system - what does that mean for our customers? From your Control4 controller or Control4 app you can access the world of TuneIn (and online, iPhone etc.).  If you don't already use TuneIn, get onto the App Store and download the free version. TuneIn provides access to listening to music, sports, news and comedy streams from around the world. It is blimmin' brill for expats! What do we use it for? Well at Redwood we use it to listen to radio stations from home (e.g. Alexia is a wannabe Cypriot, so she listens to Arion Radio or Sfera from Greece and Cyprus. Nathan listens to all the Radio One (UK) podcast and shows). We also use it to search for songs we don't have saved; so if the kids are in the car and demand 'Barbie Girl', we type it in, and worryingly, somewhere in the world is playing it! It's a fantastic app and one we use on a daily basis. The Redwood team can't wait to offer this from April 2013 when it is launched onto the operating system - if you want more info give us a call on 04 882 9779.

For more info on the Control4 and TuneIn partnership go to this press release.

For more info on the Integrated Systems Europe show which ran last week click here.

Team Redwood 🙂

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