Wahoo! Long Dubai Weekend! Go forth and MAKE PLANS!

Afternoon #Dubai! We were gleeful at the news of a long weekend coming up (day off on Thursday, dontcha know!?) only then to realise none of our team had any plans. At all. Whatsoever. Zip.

None of us wanted to go to the beach (too hot), no one wants to go to the malls (too busy), one of us is considering going to the desert (but the rest of us looked on in shock - too hot), we'd all left it too late to book a weekend jaunt. Tumbleweed drifted across the office floor. We're a young team. It's a sad day for #TeamRedwood.

We hope that this lovely three day break holds lots of delightful things for you this weekend - whether that's doing nothing (like us) or a bit of everything.

Back to work you miserable lot!

Mrs Hannigan

PS. If you haven't seen the film Annie - I have just found you something to do this weekend!

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