Speakers recreate husbands’ selective hearing

It can be difficult to blog about the products we're passionate about without losing some of our 'civilian' fans/customers along the way (both of you!) I could wax lyrical about zigbee channel interference using jargon and geek speak and bore your socks off. But I had a thought on a job the other day which I thought is probably not only interesting to audio enthusiasts or home automation freaks, but our discerning customers too (I wouldn't put money on it, though). We've been working on a nightclub project in Dubai and as part of the job we have been programming the system (digital sound sound processors; DSPs) which in a nutshell, tells all the speakers what to play, how to play it and when etc. We program the speakers to avoid three key frequencies. Why? Listening to speech typically relies on three frequencies (amongst others) and in order to both enjoy music and a conversation, your ears need to filter both types of sound clearly. You can do this for a whole room or for key zones where you typically need to speak and be heard. For this project it includes the bar, private booths and the entrance, for example. So the latest and greatest venues can create an environment where your ravers can rave and chillers can chill - side by side. 

It's a bit like when your other half is whinging at you and you can no longer hear it as you have tuned into another frequency. So the speakers are as clever as your brain. Mind-blown!

Selective Hearing Cartoon

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