Don’t touch my Tannoys

Well we've now gotten Tannoy on board so if you want to get yourselves some amazing speakers then we’re your guys. I mean amazing. Tannoy has a range of brands to suit budgets of course, going from the reasonably priced to the ‘Dubai’ of the range – Kingdom Royal. Think big. Think flashy. Think best sound. I want some! You'd love them so much you wouldn't let the home help clean them. (Expat dilemmas eh?)

Close Up Picture of Tannoy Kingdom Royal Speaker in Red Colour

Tannoy is best known for its public address systems and the residential systems are just as defining. I don’t think Tannoy offers residential PA systems – it would be funny if they did though. “Paging maid to kitchen, spill under dining table!” “Child 1 and 2 please come to the dinner table!” (although my wife could probably out-boom any PA system. Cypriots speak loudly.)

We are currently bidding for a job that shall remain nameless, of course, but basically the person has a lot of parties at home. We’re looking at putting a full system throughout the house and garden, so that no matter where you’re passed out or partying at this property, you will be doing it to the clearest, highest quality sound going. It’s really exciting when we work with customers with no fixed budget in mind, just a vision – and it this case it’s epic sound throughout their residence. So obviously we will be getting some Tannoy speakers in there, at the moment trying to link the look and feel of the speakers to the overall project. We’re also linking it up to Control4 so they will be able use their iPhone (in this case) to manage the sound system as part of a bigger smart home upgrade. Really exciting. When we can share some pics on the finished project we will.

Don't touch my Tannoy Speakers!

You love them so much you'll even clean them yourself.

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