#ThankYouSirAlex from Redwood

This is somewhat off-topic but it's one that's close to my heart.  I am a huge Manchester United fan (huge as in the scale of my adoration, I'm not actually that large myself), which kinda influenced the choice of the business name (red, rather than blue. I'm definitely not a blue Manchester fan). There were other factors which affected the business name, the main one being all the ones I wanted initially were taken at the DED! Anyway, I digress. Today has been a hectic day for the Redwood team - just like every other day really - but in the back of my mind, burning away was the knowledge that tonight was Sir Alex Ferguson's penultimate game and the day I'd see him lift his final Premier League trophy.

I feel like I've been told my gum-chewing, football-mad Grandad is going to a home. Grandad has had a permanent spot in our living room since I was a nipper and I have learnt many life lessons from this great man. We've watched the game together every week for almost my entire life. As far back as my memories go, to be honest. Mock as you wish, but I'm in a form of mourning as this part of my life comes to a close. I don't yet have any affection for Sir Alex's successor and I am going to miss him greatly. Go easy on me this week whilst I come to terms with my loss (I can't speak for the rest of Redwood, we all support different teams. Note to self: I need to change our recruitment criteria.)

As a business owner in a fierce competitive market I'm focusing on the positive. Fergie wasn't only the greatest football manager in English history, but he was a great leader. I hope that I can bring the team and winning spirit MUFC champions into the core philosophy of Redwood and I'm looking forward to learning whatever I can from his management legacy along the way.


Onward and upward.

Manchester United v Swansea City

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