Daddy! The man that cuts the grass is here to fix the burst pipe! (The Adventures of a Dubai Electrician)

Ok so we're not doing very well with this whole blogging palaver, are we? (*slaps wrist*) One post does not make a blog.

We posted this photo on our social media feeds - it made us chuckle - if we say so ourselves! The many trials of life as a Dubai Electrician make for interesting reading. But as this is Dubai, this is not something we can share (not meaningfully anyway, unless it goes something like this; 'imagine there is a big electrical company that provides say, electricity. Imagine the most dangerous wiring you have ever seen. Now multiply that. Now imagine...) but it's safe to say dubai electricians (my counterparts too) see some electrics that send shivers of fear down us.

Redwood - Someecards


It's a bit of an expat joke (not just in #Dubai, but throughout the region), that if you live in rented accommodation,  that if you need help, your landlord will pretty much send the same muggins to unblock your loo as they will to have a look at your distribution board. Trust me when I say that the qualifications needed for those two jobs are very different. We're different here at Redwood - we have highly trained and (appropriately) qualified technicians and engineers. So if you need an electrician, call us. If you need a plumber, don't!

Working on some more meaty blog posts! And if any of you 'out there' know how to put a logo on the someecards using their card designer - please let me know!

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