Tom Van de Sande to succeed father Patrick as CEO of PVS

The company is also finalising an investment of &euro;12m in new buildings for R&amp;D, quality control and distribution in Stevoort, Hasselt. This follows the investment a years ago in and own experience centre at the Veldstraat in Hasselt. <br />
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The company has recently celebrated its 35th anniversary with over 200 clients from all parts of the world. On this occasion, Patrick Van de Sande announced he would pass on the torch of CEO to his son Tom. "I have worked sixteen hours a day, day in, day out. It became too much," explains Patrick Van de Sande.<br />
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"It's quite a legacy," adds Tom. "I will have to keep surrounding myself with great people." Patrick will remain on the board of PVS as technical director (CTO).<br />
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Due to the rapid growth, PVS is planning to move its HQ&nbsp; in the long term as there is no room for expansion at its current location in the Veldstraat in Hasselt.&nbsp; "By 2025 we will move everything to our logistics center in Stevoort. At our new facilities there is plenty of space available to ensure we can keep expanding by offering innovative products to the AV market," said Tom Van de Sande.<br />
Source: inavateonthenet

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