I couldn't be more satisfied with Redwood. Service was executed neatly and timely and customer service was flawless. I was impressed with the team's technical skills - it's so rare to see people in Dubai that know what they are doing, but your guys went above and beyond their duty and they knew their business. For me this is a must when hiring someone to do electrical work as I don't want to put my family at risk.

Thank you for providing such excellent service. It's a breath of fresh air being able to receive hassle free qualified service for a fair price. I will definitely be recommending Redwood.

Monia Semmer, Villas, Dubai

Working with Nathan has proven to be wonderful. He's been patient and hardworking from inception until completion of the project at my house. I am particularly comforted by his own presence on site as opposed to loose delegation to others. He has been innovative in solving problems and seldom said no to additional requests.

Gaurav Sinha, Managing Director, Insignia FZ LLC