Mercury V4i

Mercury V4i

Brand: Tannoy Res
Model: Mercury V4i
Price: 1,375 AED
This product has a minimum quantity of 2

The flagship Mercury V4i is an impressive floor standing loudspeaker capable of delivering life-like music dynamics and highly detailed top end articulation. Featuring two potent 165mm (6.5") mid/bass drivers, the V4i offers an authoritative performance with power and passion.

The Mercury V4i features the all-new magnesium-aluminium alloy dome Mercury Vi tweeter. This true Wideband tweeter extends treble to over 53kHz, giving a wide soundstage and more accurate articulation of instruments. The ultra-light Mercury mid/bass cones give the V4i a speed and delicacy rarely found in budget floor-standing designs. The new plinth assembly lends the design even greater stability than previous Mercury floorstanders, making bass notes tighter, punchier and more accurate.

Revised cabinet bracing, silver plated wiring and enhanced Differential Material Technology (DMT) damping on the HF capacitors lead to a greater refinement across the audio-band and an even more involving performance. The Mercury V4i is an exceptional two channel stereo loudspeaker for larger rooms, where its bass authority is complimented by the detail and accuracy of the mid-range and high frequencies.

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