About Us


Redwood was founded by British engineer, Nathan Williams in 2011. Starting out as a freelance contultant for residential systems, and soon after, taking on turn-key project solutions for clients across Dubai, Nathan was instumental in bringing Control4 to the region. Redwood has been the #1 Control4 system integrator in the UAE since it's inception.

Customer Service

Building a reputation for exceptional customer service, integrety, loyalty and attention to detail on their projects, Redwood became the integrator of choice for customers and suppliers alike and they were soon appointed to represent market leading brands like Tannoy, Arcam and Unison Research for the UAE and surrounding territories. 

Supporting consumers and integrators

Today, with a team of engineers, Redwood offers a wealth of experience and expertise to support the sale of technologies to end users and integrators; ensuring our brands are always installed to the highest standards, meeting their full potential.

Not just a shop

We hope you find everything on these pages that you might need for your home and commercial technology requirements. We hope we've built an intuitive and comprehensive site to support all of our customers from audiophiles to security consultants. Here you will find all the information you need to understand, specify, buy, install and enjoy the special brands we've brought to the Middle East.

Get in touch

We enjoy nothing more than engaging with our customers, so please drop us an email, phone call, morse code message or through any of our social media channels with any of your ideas or suggestions. We will always do what we can to support you!