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In depth: The Messaging Wars: Who gets to choose how we talk?

The Messaging WarsCommunication is big business. Like Google with search and Facebook with social, it would be any company's dream to dominate the messaging space, but whether anyone can actually "win" this battle is uncertain.Since the birth of the smartphone, people have relied less on traditional calls and text messages and more on other messaging…
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Some of the first Oculus Rift VR headsets have been delayed

If you've spent hundreds of pounds (or dollars) on a next-generation virtual reality headset then delivery delays become even more frustrating than normal - so imagine the reaction of some Oculus Rift buyers over the weekend when they were informed that their headsets would not arrive on time.While "many" Rifts will be "arriving on schedule…
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Blue Origin lands its reusable rocket for the third time in a row

The science of space travel is incredibly complex and difficult to master - but the private firm Blue Origin, run by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is making it look easy at the moment. The company has successfully launched and landed its reusable New Shepard rocket for the third time in a row."Flawless BE-3 restart and…
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