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Simpsons search engine Frinkiac is D'oh so good

The Simpsons is perhaps the most quotable series in the history of television, providing perfect one-liners for pretty much every conceivable situation since it arrived back in 1989.In an age where emoji, memes, gifs and other images are considered acceptable responses to online discussions, a search engine which matches Simpsons quotes to images of the…
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Google experiments with 'books that can't be printed'

While Amazon may be taking over the e-reader category, and others may prefer the smell of the printed page, Google is experimenting with "books that can't be printed."Editions at Play is an experiment coming out of Google Australia. These books are made specifically for smartphones and incorporate interactive elements as part of the story.This might…
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Say goodbye to these GoPro cameras in April

Following a dismal start to the year, GoPro is cutting its lineup in half.The company will stop sales of its three lower-end Heroes beginning in April, according to The Verge. Those are the Hero+ LCD, Hero+ and standard Hero, currently GoPro's least expensive camera. The Hero4 Black, Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Session, now its cheapest…
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