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Samsung's new dongle turns its SUHD TVs into the center of your smart home

Samsung has been one of the biggest proponents of smart TVs and now it has introduced a new dongle, called extend, that transforms them into the center of your home.The new dongle essentially ties the Smart Hub system built into Samsung television sets together with its SmartThings smart home platform. Samsung announced the dongle will…
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Hands-on review: Toshiba Portege Z30-C-125

2016 has been a tumultuous year for Toshiba. It will be remembered as the year when the Japanese company made the decision to abandon the consumer laptop market and focus exclusively on the B2B market. For business users however, that's not a great loss as the Satellite Pro, Portege and Tecra ranges are expected to…
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In a fender-bender? The police may want to analyze your phone

A new device is in the works that informs police whether a driver was using his or her phone prior to a car collision. Legislators in New York are also aiming to implement this device in an effort to better enforce laws against using a phone while driving.The nicknamed "Textalyzer" – a play off of…
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