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Woz waxes on technology, superheroes and VR at Silicon Valley Comic Con

Steve Wozniak knows how to make an entrance. Welcoming a burgeoning crowd to the first-ever Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC), happening this weekend in San Jose, Calif. (the Woz's hometown), the Apple co-founder took the stage in a procession of Storm Troopers and dressed as a Jedi. His remarks were brief as he wanted attendees…
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Hands-on review: GDC 2016: HTC Vive Pre

HTC Vive reviewBefore trying out the HTC Vive at GDC 2016, I signed an agreement that said I couldn't give you a full review of the system. I was told to avoid using strong language and to keep in mind that the demos I saw weren't the final versions. In more or less words I…
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In Depth: 10 ways graphene is about to change your life

The age of grapheneIt's strong, it's flexible, and it's here. After a long time cooking in the labs, the first graphene-based products are beginning to trickle out into the world of smartphones, wearables, batteries, virtual reality, sports equipment, super-capacitors and supercars. It's a material that some believe has been coerced from abandoned space ships, left…
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