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Is this the death of FM radio on our phones?

The smartphone has munched up so many devices into one converged behemoth - and a portable FM radio was one of the first to join the party. However, that technology might be about to get phased out.LG has confirmed its forthcoming Stylus 2 is the first phone to boast new DAB+ technology - far superior…
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Martin Professional Middle East appointed as Harman partner in Middle East

The company has already enjoyed success in bringing Harman&rsquo;s Martin lighting brand to the ME market, will now add AMX to its portfolio of products.<br /> <br /> Martin Professional Middle East supplies lighting for lighting designers, rental houses and installers across the architectural, commercial, hospitality, education and entertainment worlds.<br /> <br /> Martin Professional…
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This computer model can predict who will win a game of Dota 2

Those new to watching competitive eSports games like Dota 2 and League of Legends often complain that the action is hard to follow. Sometimes, it's hard to follow even for people who been playing it for years.But a team of researchers from Sweden, Denmark and Germany has developed an analytical model that can help commentators…
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