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Nanolaser copies chameleon ability to change colour

&ldquo;Chameleons can easily change their colours by controlling the spacing among the nanocrystals on their skin, which determines the colour we observe,&rdquo; said Teri Odom, professor of chemistry in Northwestern&rsquo;s Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. &ldquo;This colouring based on surface structure is chemically stable and robust.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> The research was published online…
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Lydia now supports Samsung Pay

While French banks are just catching up to Apple Pay, French startup Lydia is adding support for Samsung Pay. If you have a recent Samsung phone, you can now add a virtual card to Samsung Pay and pay using your phone in your favorite stores. Lydia started as a peer-to-peer payment app. It works more…
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BBC to screen Wimbledon tennis online in 4K and HDR

Wimbledon is to be streamed in 4K resolution and HDR to UK viewers by the BBC, following a trial involving World Cup football matches which are being shown via the corporation's iPlayer. This story continues at BBC to screen Wimbledon tennis online in 4K and HDR Or just read more coverage at AV Magazine Source:…
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