OnePlus 3 coming by late June with 'new design,' co-founder says

The next phone to continue OnePlus' disruptive formula of performance, value and stunning design could arrive as early as June. In an interview with CNET, OnePlus Co-Founder Carl Pei said that the OnePlus 3 will release near the end of Q2 2016. That puts it just a few months out from release.Pei says that with…
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Video: SpaceX is back at it – will it finally make a sea landing?

Update: SpaceX has delayed the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket for the SES-9 satellite mission until Thursday. The delay is likely due to the weather, with SpaceX tweeting earlier Wednesday it was tracking thick clouds and winds. The launch is now rescheduled for its backup launch window of February 25, again at 3:46pm PT/6:46pm…
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Final Force Band dirties up BB-8, but it's still adorable

Sphero has unveiled the final version of the Force Band, first shown last month at CES 2016. While the Force Band demonstrated at the show featured gratuitous use of white, the final version has a gunmetal color scheme better suited for the Dark Side.The Force Band lets owners control the Sphero BB-8 droid using Jedi…
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