Nvidia's latest supercomputer is like 'a datacenter in a box'

Move over, Watson – if you haven't already. Nvidia has just unveiled the DGX-1, the "world's first deep learning supercomputer" built on the firm's newly announced Pascal architecture.Designed to power the machine learning and artificial intelligence efforts of businesses through applying GPU-accelerated computing, the DGX-1 delivers throughput equal to that of 250 servers running Intel…
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Here's how Nvidia is powering an autonomous, electric race car

Formula E is going completely autonomous with the all-new Roborace series slated for the upcoming race season. At its GTC developer conference, Nvidia announced these autonomous, electric race cars will be powered by Nvidia Drive PX 2, a supercomputer built for self-driving cars. Drive PX 2 is powered by 12 CPU cores and four Pascal…
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Every WhatsApp message its 1 billion users send is now encrypted

Hot off the heels of Apple's recent legal tangle with the FBI, WhatsApp isn't waiting around until the government comes knocking at its door. The popular messaging company just flipped on encryption, protecting its current subscriber count of one billion people around the world from any future attempts to parse information from the service.Facebook, which…
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