Is Sony prepping the Xperia Z6 Tablet or killing all its slates?

Reports of Sony dropping its Xperia Tablet line have begun circulating after promotional material for Sony stores suggested the company would be ending sales in early March.A Sony store manager in Japan posted material on his blog explaining how the Wi-Fi-only tablets in the range may be dropped – but that's not the whole story.The…
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Schedule for Salzbrenner’s HighTecDay 2016 released

<p>Hosted by Salzbrenner Stagetec, companies including Sennheiser and Crestron will take part in product demonstrations, presentations and hands-on learning opportunities at the event, which runs from 9.00 to 18.00 at Salzbrenner&rsquo;s headquarters (Industriegebiet See, D-96155 Buttenheim).</p> <p>Topics such as mobile audio devices and Dante media networking technology will be up for discussion from voices from…
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PC industry slump drags Lenovo's revenue down, but profits are up

Lenovo's revenue might have hit a sizeable speed bump with its latest fiscal report for Q3, but through cost-cutting measures the company still managed to see a big rise in net profit.We've all doubtless heard about the big slowdown in the PC industry recently, and naturally given that Lenovo is the top PC vendor, that's…
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