Fujitsu's new 2-in-1 beefs up security with slick palm scanner

Fujitsu has launched a new 2-in-1 machine aimed at businesses with an emphasis on security – indeed, the company claims this is the most secure hybrid it has ever produced.The Stylistic Q736 consists of a 13.3-inch full HD tablet with a detachable keyboard, and it carries Fujitsu's new PalmSecure scanner (the small box on the…
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Bats have a 'super immunity' which could protect people

Bats give each other oral sex, change their ear shape to adapt to different sounds and even use visual maps to guide themselves to their favourite trees. Now, new research has revealed yet another string to the species' multi-talented bow -- they can carry, but remain unaffected by, lethal diseases. It could, researchers say, protect humans from diseases such as…
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