'Cryptoworms' are coming to hold your data hostage

Ransomware is rapidly becoming a big money-spinner for cybercriminals, and as a result is rapidly developing in terms of sophistication – with Cisco delivering a stark warning about major dangers which are just round the corner.In fact, in a new report where Cisco Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group looks at the past history and…
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Hands-on review: HTC 10

There's always a palatable sense of excitement when one of the big players in the smartphone world brings out its latest flagship, and HTC is no different.We've been hearing word of the HTC 10 for a while, and it almost seems tired to question whether this is the 'last roll of the dice' or whether…
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HTC 10 release date: Where can I get it?

HTC's latest flagship smartphone has finally arrived. The HTC 10 features a refreshed design, with a thick chamfered edge to make holding it during a photo shooting spree a breeze. The successor to the HTC One M9 also includes USB-C charging, a first for HTC, as well as a bunch of other top-notch specs like…
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