Jeep's gone bonkers with amazing concepts for its 75th birthday

Jeep Easter Safari 2016 conceptsThousands of Jeep enthusiasts gather every year in Moab, Utah for the Easter Jeep Safari to traverse trails on a 9-day expedition that pushes the limits of off-road capabilities. This year's Safari marks the 50th anniversary for the event and the 75th birthday of Jeep and the Jeep brand, and the…
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DOJ slams Apple's arguments in San Bernardino iPhone case

'False' and 'corrosive'The US Department of Justice (DOJ) is using its severest verbiage yet in its ongoing encryption battle with Apple, but the Cupertino firm is answering right back. In a court document filed today, the DOJ slams Apple's defenses and how it's presented them in a case involving the locked iPhone 5C used by…
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