Did Facebook's F8 just seal the fate of humanity?

There was a time when you could only talk to another human face to face (well, unless you were shouting from a distance). Technology changed that: first Bell's telephone, then messaging (synchronous or asynchronous) killed the voice and now chatbots promises to replace humans in conversations. Truth be said, m2m (mobile to mobile) communications -…
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University research leads way for using skin as touchscreen

<p>Research from the UK&rsquo;s University in Sussex supported by the Nokia Research Centre and European Research Council has developed a device which could be used for having &lsquo;smart hands&rsquo; in the future.</p> <p>The &lsquo;SkinHaptics&rsquo; device sends ultrasound from the back of the hand through to the palm for potential use as a screen display. The…
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Google Calendar will help you achieve your goals – no excuses

As part of Calendar's 10th anniversary celebrations, Google is rolling out a new feature to help you better achieve your goals.It's called - appropriately - Goals and will help you easily pencil in the things you want to, whether it's going for a jog or calling a friend.You can either pick one of Google's goal…
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