Twitter doesn't plan on ditching its character limit anytime soon

For those of you worried that Twitter will be axing its iconic 140 character limit, you can relax: CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey has clarified that the social media platform character limit won't be going anywhere."It's staying." Dorsey said this morning in an interview on NBC's Today show."It allows for of-the-moment brevity," he explained, adding…
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Sony's rumored 'PS4.5' to power stronger 4K, VR gaming

The rumor mill is a-churnin', this time whispering plans from Sony to release an upgraded "PlayStation 4.5" that features better performance and 4K gaming support.Multiple sources told Kotaku about Sony's intentions to release an upgraded PS4, citing an improved GPU in the hardware that will allow games and other applications to run faster, as well…
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Google makes plea for driverless car regulation switch-up

Instead of waiting for new regulations that will make way for self-driving cars on US roads, Google wants the government to create a new Federal-level authority that could review the company's self-driving cars and give it special permissions for deployment.Google's self-driving car, which is designed without pedals or a steering wheel, has had difficulties with…
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